Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Travel Tip for Phuket

Here are some tips about Phuket in Thailand as told by a seasoned traveler. As I know he is a globetrotter and has visited several countries multiple times. So I just thought his advice could be handy for many of us. So here are his thoughts. To make these easily comprehensible, I have made these easily comprehensible.

Respect the Royals
This is the rule of thumb in Thailand. The Thais hold the monarchy, particularly the King of Thailand, in the highest reverence. You must show respect to the monarchy, or for that matter, anything associated with it. Coins and bank notes must not be stepped on, as they have an impression of the King on them. If you are on a business trip, never talk with disrespect about the monarchy. If you do that your trip is sure to be doomed.

While visiting a Buddhist temple in Thailand, dress and behave correctly. Never go to a temple in scanty clothes. No matter how hot the weather is, shorts and sleeveless tops should not be worn. Shoes should be taken off before entering any building containing a Buddha idol. Women should not go near a monk. Respect should be shown towards the images of the Buddha. Women should preferably cover their heads with a shawl or scarf.

Way of Greeting
Thais wish one another by pressing their palms together in a prayer-like gesture which is called 'wai'. The younger people wai the older persons, who then returns it. If you adapt this part of their culture during your time in Thailand, the Thai will greatly appreciate it.

Head and Feet Gestures
Thais consider the feet the lowest part of the body, both physically and spiritually. These body parts are not to be pointed at anyone or used for pointing at anything. The head is the highest part of the body and it is not to be touched without prior permission. Breaking these social rules is one of the worst things you could do in Thailand.

Health Insurance
Ensure that your health insurance covers all needed points, for all policies are not same. Though medical care is much cheaper here than in the West, hospital bills could seriously mount up. You better be ready for any untoward accident.

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